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Courtesy visit to Kings University, Ode-Omu, Osun State Nigeria. – Dominion University, Ibadan

DU News


We were welcomed into the meeting with a projection of the progress report of the University from its take—off up till the moment of the courtesy visit.  This was followed by a brief address by the Chancellor, Kings University, Prof. Famurewa Oladiran who took the time to introduce the principal staff members of Kings University and also to welcome the representatives of Dominion University.

The Vice – chancellor, Dominion University, Prof. Adedoyin Soyibo thereafter made the request for support from Kings University known while highlighting specific areas which are essential for the successful take – off of the University. The host Chancellor, Prof. Famurewa Oladiran assured of their unalloyed support and their interest in the success of Dominion University.

The University Librarian, Ven. Akindojutimi addressed the relevance of owning and running an e-library though he acknowledged the set – up cost. He reiterated on the numerous advantages the e-library facility presents to the students and further hinted that the cost of access to vast database of academic materials is reduced when the University is able to exchange resources with other institutions.

He went further to address the necessity of timely preparation for the faculties of the university that are yet to commence, adding that special faculties like Faculty of Law needs ample time for preparation and as such it is imperative to commence preparations for the faculty early enough.

The University Registrar, Mrs. Dorothy Malomo restated the standard JAMB CAPS modus and encouraged the university to look towards organizing the JUPEB Centre to bolster admissions in the coming years. She concluded her address by resounding the need to keep student profiles and records as they are necessary during the University.

We shortly after the Registrar’s address proceeded to the central point of the senate building for photographs to round off the visit.



Prof. Famurewa Oladiran – Vice-Chancellor (Kings University)

Mrs. Dorathy Salami – Registrar (Kings University)

Prof. Mrs Kuku – Director, Faculty of Science.(Kings University)

Prof. Malomo – Director of Academic Planning(Kings University)

Ven. Akindojutimi – University Librarian (Kings University)

Prof. Adigun – Dean Faculty of Health Sciences(Kings University)

Mrs. Adigun Ngozi – Public Relations Officer.(Kings University)


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