The Department of Biological Sciences is one of the pioneer Departments in the Faculty of Computing
B.Sc. Microbiology
The Department of Biological Science was established for the purpose of grooming and raising
generational leaders who will be relevant in various areas of biological and life sciences through
excellent teaching and innovative research that will yield productive results towards self-
development, community development as well as the world at large.

The vision of the department is to guide our students through a well-structured teaching
curriculum that cuts across the use of ICT-driven modes of teaching, necessary field trips, as
well as relevant laboratory experiments, which will all broaden and widen their mental capacity
to face scientific and social challenges along their path as well as contributing positively towards
the development of science.

The department is made up of academic and non-academic staff who are highly motivated and
committed towards the delivery of quality and sound education to our students by ensuring that
academic curricula such as teaching wares, practical manuals in the department are updated to
make them updated, robust and practicable, especially in addressing contemporary scientific
issues such as product development, scientific/technological advancement in medicine, allied
industries, agriculture, and the environment.

Laboratories and other teaching facilities in the department are regularly equipped and updated
with world-class apparatuses, which will enhance regular experiments and research by the
students. With this, it is expected that graduates from the department will be individuals who are
well-trained, and who are well-grounded in theoretical knowledge as well as the practical skills
to make major strides in their various areas of specialization.

Within this academic discipline under the Department of Biological Science, there is room
for both basic and applied research using cutting-edge research resources, which will help our
students to excel outstandingly in the field of Microbiology.