Introduction of the Department

General Studies Department in Dominion University coordinates studies that are essential for all students of the university. The department assigns, teaches and examines all students of the institution on relevant studies that will be needed alongside their chosen disciplines. A total of 24 units during the stay of the student is expected to be completed in the first two (2) academic sessions. General Studies’ courses are core/compulsory for all students. They are not electives neither are they optional.

Philosophy of the Department

The philosophy of this department is to provide distinctive knowledge to students, so as to communicate and interact effectively, having basic knowledge on culture, science, logic and philosophy, human existence, peace and conflict resolution, sustainable development, leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

Objectives of the Department

The objectives of the General Studies Department consist of the following:

  1. a) To develop and inculcate proper value-orientation for the survival of the individual and society.
  2. b) To develop intellectual capacities of individuals to understand, appreciate and promote peaceful co-existence.
  3. c) To produce students with broad knowledge of the Nigerian Nation and people with a view to inculcating in them mutual understanding and patriotism.
  4. d) To expose students to the rudiments of ICT for computer literacy and ability to function optimally in this ICT age.
  5. e) To prepare students for a post-university life with opportunities for job creation and entrepreneurial skills.
  6. f) To produce graduates capable of communicating effectively (both oral and written).

Course structure

1. GST 101 Communication in English I
2. GST 102 Communication in English II
3. GST 104 Nigerian Peoples and Culture
4. GST 105 History and Philosophy of Science
5. GST 122 Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT
6. GST 123 Logic, Philosophy and Human Existence
7. GST 107 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
8. GST 110 The Citizen and the State
9. GST 210 Environment and Sustainable Development
10. GST 211 Entrepreneurship
11. GST 221 Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
12. GST 222 Leadership Skills