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Obinna Ofoegbu
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I am a Chemist by training and have R & D expertise in polymer synthesis, materials recycling, Nano material fabrication and molecular imprinting as well as material characterization. a deep lateral thinker in the practice of my profession and career. I have Analytical skills in: FTIR, UV-VIS, SEM, TEM, HPLC, NMR, DTGA, Mechanical testing of materials, Quartz crystal Microbalance thin film Experiments using (ATTANA 100&200) models. Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (STA). Laser particle analysis and x-ray diffraction analysis.
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Chemical Sciences/ Computing and allied Sciences
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PhD (Polymer Chemistry)
MSc (Polymer Chemistry)
B.Tech (Industrial Chemistry)
Areas of Specialization
Molecular imprinting
Nano technology
Polymer chemistry (synthesis, characterization and waste recycling)
Industrial Chemistry (green chemistry processes applications)
Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet, Grant 2014-4573)
National Research University Project of Thailand Office of the Higher Education Commission (Grant code no. PHA 540545c).
Awards & Honors
. US-Africa Materials Institute, 2007 conference travel award.
4TH International Conference of the African Materials Research Society. December 14th-18th Dec 2007. In Tanzania.
Papers presented:
A) Commutative Recycling of Waste Polyethylene Bags, Agro Waste and Inorganic Silicate glass into sheets and profiles: A Waste- to- Wealth Initiative.
B) Production of Copper-clad Unpopulated Boards for the Manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards using cheap, non-precious metal catalyst on Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets and Composite Boards from Agro-Waste Materials.
2. Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund), 2015 conference travel
Gordon Research Conference On Carbohydrates. Mount Snow in West Dover VT United States. 14th -19th June 2015.
Paper presented:
Development Of Ecofriendly Gelfuel For Domestic Heating. Using Nano Cellulose From Speargrass Species.
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My work, my worship.

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