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Ejidokun Adekunle Olugbenga
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I am a self motivated individual ready to ensure positive change
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Computer Science/Computing and Applied Sciences
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B. Tech (Computer Science)
M. Sc. (Computer Science)
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Discrete Mathematics
Operating System
Introduction to Web Development
Algorithm and Complexity Analysis
Software Engineering Process
Network and System Administration
Areas of Specialization
Information System
Database Analyst/ Data Analyst
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Conference Proceedings
• A. O. Ejidokun, B. I. Akhigbe, S. O. Aderibigbe, and B. S. Afolabi (2015). A Probabilistic Model for Emergency Contact Recommendation, In the Proceedings of OAU TekCONF, vol. 5, pp. 277-281, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

• B. I. Akhigbe, S. O. Aderibigbe, A. O. Ejidokun, B. S. Afolabi and E. R. Adagunodo (2016). The Web Analytics Framework as an Integrated User-Centric Evaluative Tool, In the Proceedings of Conference on Transition from Observation to Knowledge to Intelligence (TOKI), pp. 331-343, 25th -26th August 2016, University of Lagos, Nigeria.

• Akhigbe B. I., Asikhia E. N., Adebisi J. A., Ejidokun A. O., Afolabi B. S. (2017). Modelling a Career Path Computer-based System: The Mechanism of Four Colour Codes, In the Proceedings of International Conference on Applied ICT (ICAICT), Ibadan, Oyo State.

• B. I. Akhigbe, R. N. Ikono, A. O. Ejidokun, S. O. Aderibigbe, B. S. Afolabi (2017). An Architecture-based Technique to Mobile Contact Recommendation for Emergency Situation in Nigeria, Nigeria Journal of Technology (NIJOTECH), 36 (1), pp. 186-195 retrieved from http://www. at 7:00am on 14th January, 2017.

• A. O. Salau, A. O. Ejidokun, O. A. Adewara, O. S. Ajala, E. Aliyu, T. K. Yesufu (2017). A GSM-Based SMS Power Notification System for Network Operation Centers, International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research (IJSER), 8(7), retrieved from

• P. O. Jegede, E. A. Olajubu, A. O. Ejidokun, I. Elesemoyo (2019). Concept–based Analysis of Java Programming Errors Among Low, Average and High Achieving Novice Programmers, Journal of Information Technology Education : Innovations in Practice, Vol 18, Retrieved from on 23rd May, 2019.

• Aniwange A., Nyishar P.T., Afolabi B.S. and Ejidokun A.O. (2021). A Hybrid Software Test Automation for Educational Portals, International Journal Of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 8, Issue 8, Pp. 2394-3696

• Adeagbo M.A. , Ejidokun A. O., Kasali A. A., Agbaje H. A. (2022). The Cooperative Society System Framework: A Goal Oriented Approach, Saudi Journal of Engineering and Technology, 7(4). Pp. 183-191, Retrieved from

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What is worth doing is worth doing well

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