This student evaluation form is one of the efforts to maintain quality teaching in the University. The University takes your responses to the questions seriously with the hope that your responses will be fair, honest and objective. If you have any questions about this form or the evaluation procedure, do ask the person administering this form. Kindly note that your answers are anonymous, therefore the survey will in no way affect your course grades.

Thank you for candidly participating in this evaluation.

5 Always

4 Often

3 Sometimes

2 Rarely

1 Never

NA Not Applicable (I cannot Answer)

  • 5 (Always)4 (Often)3 (Sometimes)2 (Rarely)1 (Never)N/A (Not Applicable)
    Punctuality at Lectures
    Professionalism (Organized & Teaches Clearly)
    Appearance and Comportment
    Encouraging & Entertains Questions
    Answers Questions Clearly
    Accomodating (Treats students with respect)
    Encourages Students to think & explore ideas
    Good Communication Skills to impart knowlege
    Definate about Class objectives & Outcomes
    Responds to students promptly (Returns assignments, tests, and other papers within 2weeks of submission)
    Use of teaching aids to teach
    Integrity (Relationship with students)
    Provide helpful comments on test and examinations
    Covers every topic for the class