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It is with great pleasure that I welcome the fresh students to the Maiden Matriculation Ceremony of Dominion University today, 28th February, 2020. As the registration exercise comes to an end, it is hoped that all fresh students have gone through all necessary formalities in the registration processes of their courses in the various degree programmes in the university.

I wish to congratulate you all for being found suitable to be admitted into Dominion University, Ibadan. The vision of the founding father of this great University is to make the institution a top, globally accredited University recognized for excellence in breakthrough research, entrepreneurship-based education earned with integrity and to provide quality services to Nigerians and other nationals through collaborations with communities, industries, international academics and multinational corporations. Indeed, you are lucky to be a part of the first fruits of Dominion University family.

As I welcome you all to this Great Citadel of Learning, it should be noted that this gathering and/or assembly today is not that of fight for survival in an alien society or that of fight for human rights in whatever means. Rather, it is a gathering of young minds with vision, mission, and highly-looking individuals for what the future holds. What you intend to settle for is greater achievement in an academic environment that is noted for success and character-moulding. What you have come to is ‘Mount Zion’ and an academic community located in the savannah belt of the South-western part of our dearest country.

As you must have known, Dominion University is not only concerned with the development of the intellectual capacities and abilities of her students, there are the recognition and the adherence to the development of the characters of the individuals that constitute Dominion University family. This is because we adhere to the core values of developing the total man.


It is imperative to note that as fresh students, it is expected that you will abide by the rules and regulations, and also participate in all activities of the University. You must recognize that one major reason for your coming to this University is to advance your knowledge in the discipline you were admitted into. And so, we urge you to be fully committed to your studies at all times.

It is important to note that the main reason for this matriculation exercise is to acquaint you with the principles, norms and culture of this University. The core values of raising generational leaders have endeared us as a centre of excellence for moulding the character of our students. The core values depict the vision of the University to be a leading centre anchored on excellent teaching, learning and innovative research and for encouraging intuitive, inter-disciplinary development of future leaders, relevant in all global spheres.

I acknowledge the presence of parents and guardians that are here to witness this memorable occasion.  Bringing your children here out of the many tertiary institutions in Nigeria is a mark of the confidence reposed on us. I would like to assure you all that we are determined to uphold, protect and ensure that our students study under a conducive atmosphere in Dominion University.


It is important to note that it is only those who register in the University that are bonafide students. So, you are encouraged to register if you have not done so already because there is a time limit for all registration formalities in this University. In case you have issues with your registration, do not hesitate to seek help from your faculty officer or the academic office in the registry.

Information and Communication Technology

Dominion University has in place, an ICT centre that provides ICT services for the community. Our ICT architecture is geared towards establishing e-learning and governance in administration. The drive towards human capital development for effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery is on-going. I urge students to avail themselves of the benefits of these services and make the best use of the facilities available to acquire necessary skills and competences in the course of your studies.

Dress Code

At Dominion University, we urge students to dress according to acceptable standards. Unnecessary exposure of body parts with the tendencies to affect the sensibilities of others will not be tolerated at all. The Security Unit of the University has been authorized to deal with such concerns as the need arises. In addition, members of staff have been informed to ensure strict compliance in this regard.



As you are all aware, the motto of this prestigious University is “Raising Generational Leaders”; hence, it is expected as Generational Leaders to compose yourselves in a manner appropriate for earning our degree in character and in learning.

Social Media

That the use of social media is in vogue in all daily activities in our society today is not in doubt; students should, therefore, use it positively in the course of their studies and otherwise. You are advised to use it in a manner that will be beneficial to your academics in the University. No student of this University is allowed to post or publish anything that will infuriate other students or the University Administration in any social media platform. This will be tantamount to violation of extant rules and regulations of the institution.

Time Management

Let me at this point admonish you to take into consideration time management. The term in itself is a mis-normal because an individual only manages the events in one’s life in relation to time. One may often wish for more time. How one uses that time depends on skills learned through self-analysis, planning, evaluation, and self-control. Much like money, time is both valuable and limited: it must be protected, used wisely, and budgeted (Proverbs 16:9: A person plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps). We should not forget that those who practise good time management techniques often find the following: are more productive; have more energy for things they need to accomplish; feel less stressed; are able to do the things they want; get more things done; relate more positively with others; and feel better about themselves. Do not procrastinate, it is bad and evil; know how you spend your time: immediate, short and long terms (Ephesians 5:15-16: Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil). Manage external time wasters: phones, ‘gistings’, side-talks, among others (Proverbs 20:13: Do not love sleep or you will become poor, keep your eyes open and you will have plenty of food).


I wish to reiterate that your choice of Dominion University, Ibadan is a wise one and we are committed to providing you with the enabling atmosphere for academic excellence and imparting in you all necessary skills and competences needed in the twenty-first-century competitive world.

Once again, I welcome you all as I wish you a happy stay in the City of Faith. Congratulations as you are formally welcomed into Dominion University, Ibadan!

God bless you all, amen.

Professor Temisan’ Ebijuwa

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