Bishop Taiwo Victor Adelakun stands as an unwavering beacon of transformation, a luminary whose footsteps echo through Nigeria’s spiritual corridors, resonating with an unwavering commitment to faith, education, and global impact. As the esteemed Presiding Bishop and Founder of Victory International Church, his life’s tapestry is woven with a resolute dedication to serving and revolutionizing lives through a divine mandate that transcends borders.
Emerging from a pivotal encounter with Christ during his formative years at the Federal Government College, Odogbolu, Bishop Adelakun embarked on a relentless pursuit of spiritual hunger and scholarly excellence. His leadership within the Student Christian Movement and the Unilag Joint Campus Fellowship at the University of Lagos echoed his unwavering devotion to intertwining academia and spiritual growth.
The corridors of service beckoned him as the traveling secretary of the Student Christian Movement during his National Youth Service in the Old Anambra state. This foundational chapter propelled a lifelong commitment to communal upliftment and spiritual enlightenment.
An initial foray into private practice under Solid Rock’s banner marked the prelude to a transformative divine calling redirecting his trajectory toward ministry. The genesis of the Bible School for Discipleship and Missions stands as a testament to his unrelenting vision, of nurturing devout believers and cultivating impactful discipleship across the globe.
In 1989, anchored in the resounding scriptural truth of 1 John 5:4, Bishop Adelakun birthed Victory International Church—an embodiment of unwavering faith triumphing over worldly trials. His visionary prowess extends beyond the pulpit, illuminating state television screens with the daily telecast, “A Word From The Lord,” radiating spiritual guidance to countless souls.

Recognized as a shepherd of shepherds, Bishop Adelakun fosters a global community through the International Fellowship of Charismatic Ministers, nurturing and empowering gospel ministers globally. His ministry’s expansion across Nigeria, the United Kingdom, and Houston, Texas, attests to an unwavering commitment to global spiritual outreach.
Education, an indelible cornerstone of his ministry, finds expression in institutions like Victory Christian Academy and Victory International College, fostering not just academic excellence but also nurturing spiritual values and leadership acumen. Bishop Adelakun’s visionary leadership extends to the helm of Dominion University, where academia converges with spirituality in a harmonious blend. As Chancellor, he steers this institution as a bastion of academic excellence and spiritual guidance, epitomizing the pinnacle of his ministry’s educational endeavors.
Dominion University in Ibadan stands as the apex of Bishop Adelakun’s Education Mandate, symbolizing his unwavering commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals. This esteemed institution represents a nexus where knowledge converges with spiritual values, crafting a space where students are equipped not only academically but also morally and spiritually.
Under Bishop Adelakun’s guidance as Chancellor, Dominion University becomes a citadel where academic pursuit and spiritual enlightenment harmoniously intertwine. It stands as a testament to his dedication to shaping individuals who are not just intellectually adept but also grounded in unwavering spiritual principles.
A prolific author, chairman of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Oyo State Chapter, and a vessel for apostolic grace evidenced through healing testimonies, Bishop Adelakun’s unassuming demeanor veils an indomitable fervor for advancing God’s Kingdom.
Aligned with Pastor Dolapo, his cherished co-laborer, Bishop Adelakun models a life defined by purpose. Their two sons, David and Joshua, encapsulate the essence of balance and divine purpose, mirroring a family unit anchored in the pursuit of a higher calling.