A Place to Inspire.

An atmosphere for learning

Dominion University has a very beautiful topography that can be viewed at a glance, aerially, from the entrance of the school and as such has stunning tourist perspectives. D.U.’s layout consists of:

  • Academic areas
  • Sports Centre
  • Senate Building
  • Medical Centre
  • Hostels
  • Library
  • School chapel
  • Business Hub
  • Staff Quarters

D.U. offers unique resources to the university community, including a well-equipped library for staff and students, which promotes scholarly and intellectual work in any field/discipline, advanced laboratories and research centres, the business hub which supports entrepreneurial development.

The student experience at Dominion University is characterized by unlimited possibilities. In class and out of class opportunities abound with the dynamic academic and entrepreneurial structure; quality student industrial training and development programs are offered by the school from world-class organizations locally and internationally, in an instrumental partnership with D.U.

In a socially balanced vein, the school has a standard sports Centre, with tech-savvy sports facilities tailored towards excellent extra-curricula proactivity. It also provides a highly standardized medical Centre for medical solutions for staff and students alike.

D.U. has a mentorship program that gives students the platform of being well-guided through life; academically and socially. Students upon admission are assigned seasoned life coaches who take them through mentorship throughout their academic sojourn at Dominion University. This is aimed at producing leaders in ordinary humans; sound in academics, socially balanced, innovative, responsible and responsive.